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The Organising Committee thanks everyone for making the XI EWDD and Mu.Ta.Lig. so amazing!!




Prof. Maurizio Botta,

Iuni, Mattia, Anna Lucia, Giulio, Ylenia,

Amalia, Diego, Claudia, Alessandro


FIRST IN THIS KIND, the European Workshop in Drug Design has always been a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY for graduate students, postdocs and scientists from both Academia and Pharma Industry to celebrate computer-aided drug design and discovery in an EXCITING and COLLABORATIVE environment, looking at an impressive sight of the city of Siena from a monastic complex in the heart of the Chianti and Tuscany and enjoying Italian hospitality and participating to HIGHLY INTERACTIVE HANDS-ON case studies.


So, DON’T MISS THE XI EWDD: fix the date in your calendar and come to share you passion for Drug Design and contribute to make this edition of the EWDD the best yet!


Topics will cover latest development in computer-aided drug design, including:


  • Advanced techniques in Molecular Dynamics simulations

  • Big data management

  • Novel tools in Bioinformatics

  • The use of free online tools

  • In silico PK prediction
  • And much more...


...without forgetting the bases of molecular modelling!



The kickoff photo



XI EWDD is in collaboration with:

Mu.Ta.Lig. Cost Action CA 15135